Die Cutting

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Grafix Die Cutting

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more, Grafix introduces a die cutting service! That’s right. Grafix isn’t just about printing we also run a well ran die cutting service— and as always we have you absolutely covered!

What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is the act of cutting a shape into any particular material. This material can be wood, metal, paper or even a block. This cutting is usually used to make a design that stands out. This can be used to create a raised design. These designs help your message pop! Another way that die cutting is used is to help creating things such as adding your logo to a wooden board.

Die cutting adds dimension to an otherwise bland or boring design. This allows for your message to be more appealing to the masses. You can play around with die cutting pieces by adding color to the base of the medium.

How is Die Cutting Used?

Die cutting is used to cut shapes into mediums. Die cutting can be used to emboss an otherwise bland image or canvas, create business cards, customize typography, make a message pop, draw attention to an image and create interactive tactile media. Die cutting can be seen all around us. If you go to your local shopping center you are bound to see die cutting appear in the form of store names or even logos.

Die cutting is more interactive for creative businesses which can draw more attention to your brand because of the fact that die cutting typically has more dimension than other forms of printing and cutting methods. For example: a brochure is typically printed on some gloss paper but die cutting the cover to enhance the title page can make viewers and potential leads more inclined to pick up the brochure and actually read it.