Pad Printing

Before and after high resolution pad printed items

Get pad printing services form Grafix for high resolution.

Grafix makes printing on any material simple.

All you have to do is have a design in mind and leave us to do the rest! Our commercial screen printing services are popular because we print on a wide variety of materials and have no issue performing quality printing utilizing surface print screen technology.

How does Grafix Pad Printing Work?

We use our pad printers in conjunction with a print decal to ensure that your specialized printing needs are met with our quality assured practices. We can print on wood, glass, metal and even fabrics. Pad printing works great with various different kinds of shapes and sizes. This means spheres, cubes and other shapes are easily printed on using our printing services.

It doesn’t just stop at pad printing. Grafix printing specialists are masters of printing banners, storefront materials and others forms of branded necessities such as industrial stickers that can be used virtually anywhere.

What Materials Can you Use?

Pad printing can be used with any kind of materials. This means that you can print on glass, wood and just about anything else. You can use the materials you would like to get the results that you want.

What Shapes Do You Pad Print?

Pad printing can be used on just about any shape no matter how big or small. The one thing that stands out about pad printing is the fact that you will be able to get a clear and concise image onto the shape you need. A star, sphere, cube or anything else. Grafix pad printers are used to deliver a high quality image to the desired object. The pads are wrapped around the shapes and then pressed onto the object to deliver the image.

Grafix pad printers deliver consistent high quality images with precision each and every time. Contact us today to figure out what we can do for your pad printing needs.