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Grafix Screen Printing

Customers love Grafix screen printing!  Commercial screen printing is a fundamental for any well branded business but Grafix doesn’t stop there— we offer precision screen printing so your materials always are five-star quality and ready for presentation. We print both private and business related projects. This means that industrial screen printing is offered in a manner that is both affordable and flexible.  It’s your project, we just bring it to life!

What Kinds of Screen Printing does Grafix Offer?

Screen printing is a broad category. Grafix offers the regular screen printing that everyone loves that is seen on customizable t-shirts, hats, pencils and other branded apparel and supplies. We also offer other means of screen printing to suit your project needs. Here are a few to give you a glimpse at our well-rounded skillset.

  • Large Screen Printing: This can be seen in the form of promotional materials such as posters, banners and billboards. Our large screen printing shows off our versatility and capability to print on items ranging from small items like pencils or toys to entire banners.
  • Multi color Screen Printing: Grafix is motivated to provide the most high quality material possible. This means having rich colors and a great deal of colors to deal with. Whether your color scheme is blue and white or uses the colors of the rainbow, you’re covered with our multicolor screen printing! Once you try Grafix multi color screen printing you will never have to think twice about your screen printing needs!
  • Offset Screen Printing: This method of printing uses a printing plate and rubber blanket to transfer an image onto a medium. This method of printing was developed in the late 1800’s and has been mastered by our skilled printing operators here at Grafix. This kind of printing is used to print images continuously in a quick and seamless process that offers the same clean and precise image as the first time, every time.
  • Personal Screen Printing: Making items such as company t-shirts is a breeze with personal screen printers! These smaller more functional screen printing machines are used for items that require direct printing.
  • Short Run Screen Printing: This method of screen printing is used for paper printing. This method is similar to offset screen printing only it is used directly for paper (manuals, instructions, flyers) for the most part.


Grafix has limitless solutions to your printing needs. Whatever the occasion may be, we have the fix for you. Our clients and customers love us because we always have the perfect resolution to their printing dilemmas. Entrust us with your work! You won’t be sorry