Printing on Metal

Grafix Metal Printing and Die Cutting

Graffix offers special cutting edge material to get you and your business noticed! Printing isn’t just for fabric, glass and wood. We also offer various services especially for your business needs based around metal.

What Can you do with Metal?

A really nifty thing that many of our customers are into is metal business cards. We can create business cards for you or your business using silk screening to ensure that your cards are high quality and unforgettable. Let’s face it, paper cards are fine but they don’t really stand out. Handing someone an aluminum business card is more alluring than the handing someone an old fashioned paper card.

Metal nameplates is another innovative way to use Grafix metal services— it doesn’t just stop there, other creative ways that Grafix uses metal include:

  • Metal Invitations
  • Steel Printing
  • Metal Portfolio Cases
  • Metal Silk Screening

Our beloved screen printing and silk screening services can also be used on metal! Our metal options range from stainless steel to copper and aluminum. You can do anything you do with fabrics, wood and glass with metal! This means that metal can also be used for die cutting and even pad printing!

Printing on a metal surface is just as affordable as other options and as always you will have the opportunity to fully customize the outcome of the project. Because we allow for our customers to fully customize their metals, you will be able to do just about anything with your project. A detail-rich and even colorful display!

None of this would be possible without our wide variety of metal and stainless steel printers and cutting machines. We take the guesswork out of the project so that all you have to worry about is getting higher quality for less, the Grafix way!