Printing on Wood, Glass and Vinyl

Grafix Other Materials Printing, Cutting and Services

So you are looking for a service that allows for you to print on virtually any kind of material? Look no further! Grafix offers printing services that allow for you to print your vision on to the medium you desire. We can print on your mugs, rulers, rubber, vinyl, silicone and even glass!

Screen printing on glass is a breeze. Screen printing on wood is doable! Screen printing on vinyl, yes vinyl, can be done! Our master printing specialists and high quality machinery allow for us to deliver high quality printing to our customers on virtually any material. Branding should not be limited by an inability to provide compelling printing on the materials you desire. That’s why our customers love our printing services!

Here is a glimpse of what we do here at Grafix:

  • Silk screen on Wood
  • Printing on Rubber
  • Silkscreen Glass
  • Print on Glassware

These are just a few sample ideas of what you can do at Grafix. It doesn’t just stop there. You can use these materials for die cutting or any of our printing services to make things fun and exciting for both your brand and your customers. Mixing and matching materials is also made possible at Grafix. You will never be limited to printing on regular A4 paper and t-shirts; but we do that too!

Grafix strives to offer a wide variety of services and materials to ensure that you never have to be limited to options that you are not happy with. Our materials are all premium and quality made with the best resources possible. We also offer a large variety of papers, textures and prints for you to get the best out of your Grafix experience!

Variety means more possibilities and more room to play with your branding ideas. We can’t wait to turn your vision into a real life thing. Contact us with your ideas or queries— we look forward to working with you!